Macrame Beginner Tips

Macrame can be an incredible hobby for those who enjoy crafts and creating unique items from scratch. You can sell your macrame creations, give them away as gifts to your family and friends, or simply keep them for yourself. 

The possibilities are virtually endless as well when it comes to what you can create. From earrings, bags to wall hangings, dream catchers and so much more!

Here is a guide to macrame for beginners below to help you get started:

How many types of Macrame Cords and How to choose Macrame cords for your project?

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There are 3 basic types of cord you can use in every project: Twisted cord, Single Strand cord and Braided cord.Braided cord and Twisted cords give your project a different look than if you would use Single Strand cord. For example, if you want your project to look clean and tight, you should use Braided cords and Twisted cords. On the other hand, Single Strand cords give your work more of a natural fluffy look. 

What cord size do I need for my Macrame project?

When you follow a pattern, it’s recommended to use the same size mm cords or alter it to make it fit. 

Recommendation per project type

  • Big wall hanging: 4-10mm
  • Small wall hanging 3-5mm
  • Planter: 2-5mm
  • Macrame bags: 3-5mm
  • Jewelry: 1.5-3mm
  • Key chain / Bookmark: 1.5-3mm

Macrame Basic Knots

The following five knots are the essentials to get started with macrame. They will also allow you to make a wide variety of things including plant hangers, bracelets, and key chains. Learning these five basic macrame knots will help you get started on a successful macrame journey. Get 12 basic knot sPDF tutorial for beginners here.

  • Lark’s Head Knot
  • Square Knot
  • Half-Hitch Knot
  • Double Half-Hitch Knot
  • Spiral Knot

What basic supplies do you need for your project?

These are some basic things you will need to start a project: cotton cords, a pair of scissors, a macrame brush, S-hooks. They will work for your whole macrame journey.

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I hope you found this list of Basic Macrame Tips for Beginners helpful. You can create just about any macrame decor you can think of from this basic information!

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