In MACRAMÉ: The Power of Knots, Nghi guides you every step of the way, and shares with you all of her knowledge, experience and passion for this craft. As a successful self-taught macrame artist and content creator, she also teaches you every trick in the book and provides you with all the tips to guarantee a smooth initiation into this art form. No matter what style you are into, what previous knowledge you have, or how crafty or creative you are. Nghi’s one-on-one mentoring style and detailed easy to follow instructions merge in this book with the only aim of developing and improving your Macramé skills.


Imagine a Macramé book that gives you the opportunity to express yourself artistically. A book that sparks your creativity and encourages you to be the Macramé artist you want to be. Well… imagine no more!. From basic knots to never seen before Macramé patterns and projects. From classic tools and materials to modern equipment that will take your Macramé game to a different level. From explaining its historic origins to displaying the trendy modern art form macrame is today. MACRAMÉ: The Power of Knots has it all. Allow Nghi to inspire you and give you the confidence you need to become a Macramé artist.

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