Easter Bunny Coaster - Digital PDF and Knot Guide
Easter Bunny Coaster - Digital PDF and Knot Guide
Easter Bunny Coaster - Digital PDF and Knot Guide
Easter Bunny Coaster - Digital PDF and Knot Guide

Easter Bunny Coaster - Digital PDF and Knot Guide

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Introducing our digital PDF Knot Guide! This product offers you instant access to two versions of the guide: a Device Version that can be downloaded and viewed on any of your electronic devices, and an A4 Printing Version that can be downloaded and printed at your convenience. Please note that this product is NOT a physical print and will not be mailed to you. 

This product is a digital pattern / written PDF for the macrame project pictured above.

  • Level: Beginner +
  • Size: 10 x 15 cm (4” x 5”)
  • Format: Written PDF + Knots Guide (ENGLISH)
  • Units of measurement: Metric (cm) & Imperial (inch)

This pattern includes:

  • Basic Knots Guide
  • Detailed tools and materials.
  • Written step-by-step photos and detailed instructions on how to complete the project.

Here are the table of content in this PDF Guide:

1. Alternating Half Hitch

2. Reverse Lark’s Head Knot

3. Horizontal Double Half Hitch - Left to Right

4. Horizontal Double Half Hitch - Right to Left

5. Right-facing Square Knot

6. Left-facing Square Knot

7. Alternating Square Knot

8. Project: Easter Bunny Coaster - Tools and Materials

9. Project: Easter Bunny Coaster - Knots Used

10. Project: Easter Bunny Coaster - Preparation

11. Project: Easter Bunny Coaster - Instructions

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      購入後すぐにデジタルパターンのPDFとガイドにアクセスできます。 確認メールを開くだけで、「ダウンロード」ボタンが待っています。 クリックするだけで、ファイルが手元に届きます。 クリエイティブな旅をお楽しみください!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Janet Webb
      Fun Bunny coaster

      Fun Easter project. Instructions were easy to follow. Found that weaving the ends was too time consuming so I tried it with fringe and no bow. It was cute either way.

      Michelle Thompson
      I'm having fun

      This Easter Bunny coaster has been fun to make. I've been getting requests from family members and making them faster and better with each coaster.