This product is a digital PDF file, NOT a physical print that will be mailed to you. You can download and print this PDF Knot Guide by yourself.

The Knot Guide you will find below consists of step-by-step photos and detailed instructions on how to tie 12 Macrame Diamond patterns and Variations of Knots.

- Level: Beginner

- Format: Written PDF + Knots/Patterns Guide (ENGLISH)

Here are the knots and variations of knots and patterns in this PDF Knot Guide:

1. Lark’s Head Knot

2. Reverse Lark’s Head Knot

3. Left-facing Square Knot

4. Right-facing Square Knot

5. Alternating Square Knot

6. Square Knot Sinnet

7. Diagonal Double Half Hitch - Left to Right

8. Diagonal Double Half Hitch - Right to Left

9. Basic Diamond

10.Diamond with Fringe

11. Diamond with Square Knot

12. Hollow Diamond 1

13. Hollow Diamond 2

14. Cross Diamond

15. Diamond with Big Square Knot

16. Alternating Square Knot Diamond

17. Double Diamond

18. Fishbone Diamond

19. Weaving Diamond 1

20. Weaving Diamond 2